Sunday, 13 March 2016


New update today about my diy project which i have to handle for this semester is first , i had a discussion with the organization.. Alhamdulillah.. He willing to help me and collaborate with me by doing this project .. Plus , he added more idea about what i wanted to do .. Alhamdulillah.. Insha Allah.. I will try the best to make sure this project succed !

Here's are the photo while we made a discussion about the product .. It's a pinewood + textile .. Isn't cool right ?? .. I had an idea about this project like em .. I want to make it convenient and useful for everyone.. Plus , I really love to collaborate with that Encik .. As he said "I don't have any sketches," I replied " , So how u do that ? My sketches in here .. He pointed at his head .. Yes .. He makes everything out of his mind like 123.. Easy !! Wow .. Im amazed .. He so talented .. It's gifted!! He added .. Every customer came and asked me to make every diy things will not have the same design looks others .. It would totally different.. The design is limited for each customer.. That's special about me here ..he added :)

So , here our discussion :)

Here his working space .. Full of pinewood :)

                                                            Framing product he made

                                                                  His working space

                                                         One of his work "cat house"

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