Sunday, 6 March 2016


As an Art's student ..
This semester i got a tasks from my lecturer ..Which i've to make a multifunctional products ,something that different and beyond other's thought ...I swear to god that it's complicated to think about something creative and no one ever did it .. For me it's like a new adventure "cabaran" .. I come out with 2 different idea at first ., which is :

1) Diapers cloth recycle

2) Multifunctional Notice Board

 Alhamdulillah .. Im finally decided between two .. I chose NOTICE BOARD ..

To be continue ......

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  1. diapers cloth tu comel sangat!! notice board tu so typical di kalangan student. sy sendiri kat rumah pun ada notice board besar gedabak dekat wall tapi pakai gabus putih tu jee sbb mudah dan murah hihi. So senang laa nak tepek notes atau gambar kat situ.. kalau rajin, hias2 sikit mesti lagi comel. notice board dlm gambar tu organized sangat. lawa!

  2. But wait for our own notice board soon !! I can't wait to let you guys see it 😚.. Tq cik rehan 😍